What is this?

Welcome to my site!

First of all, I am just a single blogger who enjoys their neutrality. Since this is just a personal site, the posts can range between a wide variety of topics, though definitely with a focus on video games. However, I do enjoy learning and discussing controversial issues. I believe that every issue has two sides, and I will always do my best to represent those sides.

This site operates on two basic values.

  1. Respect.
  2. Open Discussion.

If you can bring up your ideas/opinions in a civil manner, then you will never be censored or banned. It’s as simple as that.

What else to expect from my site

  • No clickbaits.
  • Full coverage with no bias (unless noted)
  • A focus on facts over accusations
  • Open door policy for anyone who wishes to contribute an article

If there is something you would specifically like me to research/cover then let me know.

*Disclaimer* You will see a lot of posts regarding Gamergate. I believe Gamergate to be one of the biggest issues in video games right now with a lot of unfair coverage from both sides. I cannot wait for the day until Gamergate is over. But until then, I will do my part to publish whatever facts I can to help quell the waves of misinformation and hate.

This is NOT a “pro-Gamergate site.”
This is NOT an “anti-Gamergate site.”

We support Truth, Respect and Open-Mindedness.



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