Game Review: The House (Short)


Game: The House
By: Sinthaistudio.
Genre: Horror.
Type: Point & Click Flash game

Quick Notes

  • Pros: Well chosen scenery, music, and sound effects to create a creepy atmosphere, Good jump scares
  • Cons: Can foresee jump scares, minimal plot, low replayability
  • Neutral: Short game length (5-15 mins)
  • Sequel available here, along with a Halloween Special.


My favorite movie genre is horror. Monsters, paranormal, thriller, you name it. I love the feeling of creeping dread while simultaneously feeling my heart racing. Being scared is the best adrenaline rush you can get. And yet, until recently, I had never played a video game of the same genre. This was obviously a grave mistake on my end.

I reached out to my friends for any suggestions, and the one that stuck out to me was The House. It seemed like the perfect introduction into the horror genre, and I was correct.

The game is a very simple point and click game, meaning your only interaction with the game is to use your mouse to click on certain objects in order to progress the story. Sinthai managed to create an exceptionally creepy atmosphere on such a limited platform, combining dark graphics and eerie music/sound effects with some well-timed jump scares. The game is just long enough to have a decent experience without wearing out. Overall, it was worth the 12 minutes of gameplay.

However, if you’re looking for something complex or interactive, this would not be recommended. The point and click format is limited. And when you know that any reaction will come from a click, you can see every “jump scare” coming. It’s a game where you really need to let yourself be immersed into the world, the game can only do so much of that for you.

Overall, I think this is a great game and think it is a must play for anyone looking for a short scary game to play.


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