Quick Update: Wardell and Quinn’s Newest Drama [1]

*NOTE* I am not implying that either party was right or wrong in this matter. I am only showing the bare bones of the situation for anyone who was wondering.

Once again, Brad Wardell of Stardock is in some drama. What happened this time?

I’ll let the tweets do the talking.

Summary of the Storify

  • Quinn tweets her concerns about the Star Control reboot “the people making the reboot are bad people :(“
  • When asked why, she attached Kotaku’s article regarding Brad Wardell’s alleged sexual harassment charges.
  • Wardell comes into the conversation, linking a forum where he wrote about his side of the story and about his innocence.
  • They get into an argument. Quinn accuses him of being sexist and vulgar while Warcdell maintains that the lawsuit was frivolous and that she shouldn’t make judgments on people without getting to know them first.

*Note* The lawsuit was dropped later on. Has has received apologies for one-sided coverage of the lawsuit from both ZenOfDesign.com and from GamePolitics.com.

So why the flashback?

The tweet in question is  (more info on this below)

This sparks a twitter argument between Wardell and Quinn

*note* As you can see from the timestamps, this isn’t in exact order. Due to multiple concurrent “conversations” I’ve tried to order them in a way to maximize readability.

Now, for some context. I thought it would be helpful
to look at the tweets between Wardell and Smith and beyond.

^ This guy showing up probably didn’t help.

He then stays in the Twitter conversation, encouraging others to apply.

The Comic

Perhaps the most important piece of info here is, what comic is Quinn talking about?

Here are the two (official) ShreddedMoose comics that show Quinn.

#2: What Gamers Really Want

#10: Gamergate: They Sure Value Women

These are both pretty tame. So I searched more and eventually came up with this. <- NSFW

It’s definitely in the same style, and allegedly from his Tumblr (if so, it has been deleted). It’s worth noting that he never even tried to deny the allegations that this comic is his. It stands to reason that this is the comic in question that Quinn is referring to.

So what do you think? Who’s in the wrong? Is anyone even in the right?

*Update* Wardell has made a post on his personal site about the situation.


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