People of Gamergate

This is a comprehensive list of the biggest names involved in Gamergate. I will do my best to include all relevant information.

In the list I will also address the accusations/misconceptions for each person. Every person will be considered innocent until proven guilty.
Each accusation will be brought up with a judgement of TRUE, FALSE, NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE or COMPLICATED.

If you are looking for a specific person/handle then use ctrl + f to find them.

Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin)

  • Conservative Tea-Party supporter. Actor well known from tv series Firefly
  • Supported the Quinnspiracy movement
  • Later coined the term Gamergate
  • Helped popularize Gamergate movement

Anita Sarkeesian (@FemFreq)

  • Feminist Game critic known for her “Feminine Frequency” blog and webseries “Tropes vs. Women”
  • Has a BA in Communication studies and MA in Social and Political Thought.
    • Master’s thesis: I’ll Make a Man Out of You: Strong Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy Television.
  • May 2012- Received harassment during her Kickstarter campaign for “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.” Said harassment helped publicize her campaign, which ended up raising $158,922 (original goal was $6,000)
  • Receives criticism for her concept of “Listen & Believe.” The idea behind it is to “actually believe women when they talk about their experiences.”
    Criticism includes the idea that no person should be automatically excluded from the responsibility to produce evidence for their actions/words, and that while the message promotes believing all women at face value, it excludes men. Basically, women are just as capable of lying as men.
  • Accusation: The harassment she received [during the kickstarter] were faked in order to raise money.”
  • Accusation: She lied about being a gamer!
    • COMPLICATED: There have been contradicting videos with [her own] statements saying she has played games since she was a child, that she considers herself a gamer and that she is not a fan of video games. I have judged this to be complicated because they could easily be seen as that she enjoyed games when she was younger and still enjoy them now, but doesn’t enjoy modern video games, FPS games in particular.
  • Accusation: stealing the money with no intention to produce the videos.
    • FALSE: She did eventually start releasing the videos. [1] [2]
  • Accusation: using other people’s uncredited work in her videos.
    • TRUE: Many of the screencaps in her videos were taken from other Lets Play videos, which were not mentioned anywhere in the video or its description. [1]
  • Accusation: This shows that she did not actually buy any of the games!
  • Accusation: At least some of her death threats were faked!
    • FALSE: The most popular set of threats that are accused to be fake were the ones that Sarkeesian tweets about on August 27th, which included screencaps. The threats were obviously scripted beforehand on an account created just for that purpose. However, a bot account has to be created by a person and therefore, a threat is still a threat regardless of how “serious” it may be. There is no evidence that the account was created or in any way linked with Sarkeesian.
  • Accusation: She lied about contacting the police!
    • COMPLICATED. No, she did not contact the San Fransisco Police Department like she said she did. She did however, contact the FBI regarding the threats. Some people see this mix-up to be suspicious.
  • Question: Where is the rest of the money?
    • COMPLICATED. As of this moment, Sarkeesian has not outlined a plan for the money and her videos do not reveal a quality that correlates to the amount of money that she has received. However, as outlined in her Kickstarter campaign, she does have another 10 videos to be released in the webseries. Here is a link that does well in summarizing people’s concerns.
  • Accusation: She has doxx’d other people!
    • TRUE: [July 2014] [Oct 2014]
      • Some argue that the abusive tones gives her an excuse to making it public. However, there are many things wrong with this line of thinking.
        • Two wrongs do not make a right.
        • As someone who has been condemning the supposed doxxing activities of Gamergate, it is hypocritical to then also engage in such activities. Especially as one of the main figureheads of “anti-Gamergate.”
        • If a person is threatened then they should ALWAYS contact legal authorities rather than the “authorities” of the internet.

Ben Quintero (@Ben_Quintero)

  • Writer for Gamasutra
  • Sept 2nd- published article “Can we all get along?” as a neutral view on Gamergate [1]. He outlines how both sides could’ve handled the situation better. That same day his status was downgraded.[2][3]
  • He was eventually given a promotion.

Brianna Wu (@Spacekatgal)

  • Game developer and co-founder of Giant Spacekat, an indie development studio.
  • Oct. 10th, 2014- Doxxedd on 8chan and left her home.
  • Accusation: She is faking being doxx’d for attention!
    • NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. A big reason for this accusation is how rapidly Wu publicized the doxx’ing event, appearing on television about 5 days after the reported doxx’ing. It is true that her association with Gamergate has increased her popularity/visibility exponentially, but that is not proof that the doxx’ing was in any faked.
  • Accusation: She insulted The_Camera_Girl by calling her a derogatory term against people with autism!
    • NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. There are claims that the statements were not made from her account at all but a copycat account to frame her. I have not seen enough proof either way

Brad Wardell (@Draginol)

  • Founder, President and CEO of Stardock, software development and computer games company
  • 2012- A Kotaku article was published regarding a lawsuit by an ex-employee claiming sexual harassment. The article was published without any input from Wardell and only took the plaintiff’s side in consideration. Despite the lawsuit being dropped in 2013, Wardell claims that the article still affects his life to this day. Because of this experience, Wardell supports Gamergate because “I’ve seen how biased, politically driven game “news” can hurt people.”
  • Question: Doesn’t the difference between the high publicity of his lawsuit to the reinforced silence of the “5 Guys Scandal” show proof of double standards?
    • COMPLICATED. Wardell’s situation had the added factor of having been brought to a courtroom which could’ve raised interested in the story. However, I agree it does raise concerns.

Christina Hoff S0mmers (@CHSommers)

  • Well known Feminist. Published author and former Philosophy professor on Ethics. Holds a PhD in Philosophy.
  • Sept. 16th, 2014- Featured in a video by American Enterprise Institute, “Are Video Games Sexist,” she states her case on why the current video game industry does not promote misogyny or violence. This goes directly against Sarkeesian’s views of the gaming industry. This video made Sommers very popular among the supporters of Gamergate and she has become a face for the movement. [Video]
  • Nicknamed “Based Mom.”

Christopher Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft)

  • Former NFL player
  • Oct. 21, 2014- Posts an article(?) “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off.” In very colorful language, he rants about how #gamergate is ruining the “gamer” image.
  • Controversy
    • Joking about a minor being involved with 2 Vikings players [1]
    • Comparing Gamergate to the KKK [1]

Christopher Poole (moot)

  • Founder of 4chan
  • Sept. 19, 2014- Supports and enforces the banning of GG-related threads on 4chan.
  • Accusation- He has a conflict of interest! His girlfriend works with Gawker!
  • NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. The person in question co-founded a PR firm that works with Gawker. There is no PROOF that the woman in question is indeed his girlfriend. And even if they are, there is nothing to say that their relationship had any influence on his decision.

Devin Faraci (@devincf)

  • Writer for Baddass Digest
  • Controversial tweets [1] [2] [3] [4]

Eron Gjoni (@Eron-gj)

  • Ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn.
  • Aug 16, 2014- Posts the infamous “TheZoePost”
  • Has expressed remorse for posting the site, and that he hadn’t expected the consequences.
  • Was brought to court by Quinn where he was sentenced with a restraining order. However, he was not order to take the website down.

George Reese (@GeorgeReese)

  • Dell Executive
  • “The #Gamergate cabal are the technology world’s Isis.” [picture]
    • The tweet has since been taken down
    • There has been no public acknowledgement from Dell

InternetAristocrat (@Int_Aristocrat)

  • Popular Youtuber. Identity unknown.
  • Uploaded series of Quinnspiracy videos after “TheZoePost”
    • Video [1], [2], [3]
  • Has uploaded one video for Gamergate with plans to release another
    • Video [1]
  • Has hosted and appeared in multiple Gamergate streams
  • Was doxxed on Sept 12th, 2014 on 4chan’s /v/
  • Accustion: He doxxed Felicia Day!
    • FALSE: The username that doxxed Day was actually InternetAristocat. (missing an r)

John Bain (@TotalBiscuit)

  • Aug. 19th- Tweets about the Quinn scandal [Link]
    • Basically, if everything is true, then that’s awful. If it’s not true, then people need to leave it alone.
  • Receives negative reactions over Twitter for it
    • Quinn, Fish, Others [1]
      • Quinn later claimed that this was not directed at TotalBiscuit

Max Read (@Max_Read)

  •  Editor-In-Chief of Gawker
  • Oct. 16th- Writes tweet calling the people he argues with as “neuroatypical,” which can be used for autistic. [Link]
  • Oct. 22nd- Publishes scathing article on Gamergate and Intel/Adobe’s withdrawal [Link]

Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero)

  • Journalist for Breitbart
  • Sept. 1st- Attack on anti-gamergate, labeling them “feminist bullies” [1]
  • Sept 17th- Exposed the secret e-mail list between 150 people within the gaming industry, GameJournoPros [1]
  • Sept. 19th- Received 90 rolls of toilet paper in the mail. Sept. 20th- Received a syringe in the mail.
    • *Note* To the extent of my knowledge, neither packages contained anything to imply connection to gamergate.
  • Sept 22nd- 2 follow up articles on GameJournoPros [2] [3]

Leigh Anderson (@leighalexander)

  • Writer and Editor at Large for Gamasutra
  • One of the most focused journalists. (perhaps THE most focused)
  • Wrote the most negative of the “gamers are dead” articles.
  • One of the most aggressive/vocal opponents of Gamergate [1]
  • Accusation: She has doxxed other people!
    • TRUE: She doxxed a person who commented on her article trying to start a discussion [Censored Link]
  • Accusation: She encourages others to doxx! [Link]
    • TRUE: She encouraged someone to release a person’s name/contact info.
  • Accusation: She uses her position in power to prevent/hurt careers! [1]
    • COMPLICATED: Yes, she does use her position to do so. However, it is her right to support/not support any person she wishes to. And while using her position to prevent/ruin a career may be looked down upon, I believe that is also in her right. No matter how upsetting it may be, this is an industry where your connections are as important as your talent.
  • Accusation: She’s racist! [Link]
    • COMPLICATED: This is probably considered more “classist” than racist. And to assume that her usage of “hood men” means “black men” may speak more to your own opinions than hers. However, due to other comments she has made, the implications are strong enough that I will not categorize this as false.
  • Accusation: She attacked the co-founder of Child’s Play! [Link]
    • TRUE: This is true, however, that is her personal opinion and I do not believe it crosses any undue lines of conduct.
  • Uncategorized: [1]

Lo-Ping (@GamingandPandas)

  • Started a Crowdrise campaign “PACER Center National Bullying Prevention GamerGate Charity.” [Link]
    • Gamergate-centered charity for Anti-Bullying
  • Has raised $16,000 so far (10/27)

Nathaniel Grayson (@Vahn16)

  • Writer for Kotaku
  • Confirmed “5 Guy”
  • Accusation: He promoted Depression Quest for Quinn [as a friend]!
    • TRUE: When Grayson wrote his article mentioning Depression Quest (Jan. 8th), he and Quinn were well-acquainted at the time. Grayson both acted as a beta tester for the game and was mentioned in the coding of Depression Quest (along with many others). He chose her game to use for the article’s image, and put it at the beginning of a short list of “standout” games in which he describes it as a “powerful Twine darling.” This all fits well within the guidelines for “promotion.” [Link]
  • Accusation: He promoted Depression Quest for Quinn [for sexual favors]!
    • FALSE: There is absolutely no evidence for this. The article was released way before any timelines has ever linked them romantically.
  • Accusation: He lied to his editor about his involvement with Quinn!
    • COMPLICATED: The timeline given by Grayson is that he did not have a personal relationship with Quinn when he wrote an article that she was [pretty heavily] mentioned in on 3/31. Around this date, Grayson and Quinn were in Las Vegas together with friends. Quinn’s own words say that the Vegas trip is when they first got close and made out. The Vegas trip lasted from 3/30 to at least 4/4, likely 4/5 or 4/6. The night they kissed could’ve happened on any of the days after 3/31, and if so, then Grayson technically didn’t lie. However, it also means that they started having personal relations within a maximum of 6 days after the article. *note* Some people believe Gjoni when he claims that Quinn confessed to cheating on him with Grayson before a break in their relationship (4/1-4/6). Some people will take this as proof that they did start their relationship before 4/1. For now I consider this  hearsay.

Phil Fish (@PHIL_FISH)

  • Video game developer at Polytron
  • One of Quinn’s strongest supporters during Quinnspiracy
  • 1st Tweet I’d like to bring up “saying “its just my opinion” does not instantly mean you are shielded from being an asshole
  • Out of his last 12 tweets 910/27) – [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    • His abrasive nature over Twitter have made him unpopular
  • Aug. 21st- His company’s website, Polytron is hacked and doxxed by the “head mod at /V/ and leader of and Anonymous.”
  • Question: How legitimate was the message?
    • There are many things off about the message that it is difficult to take it seriously. 1. Anyone who regards themselves as a “4channer” would never write /v/ as /V/. This is a huge part of 4chan culture. 2. Less than a week later, there is mass censorship related to Gamergate threads on /v/, without there being any changes in mods. 3. The entire point behind 4chan and “Anonymous” is that everyone’s identity is kept secret. This keeps a level of equality that makes the idea of a “leader” impossible.
  • Accusation: He hacked his own website!
    • FALSE: There is absolutely no evidence for this

Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle)

  •  Editor of Valleywag (a Gawker site)
  • Infamous bullying tweets [1]
    • Were eventually deleted

Stephen Totilo (@Stephentotilo)

  • Editor-In-Chief for Kotaku
  • Aug. 20th- Releases statement freeing Grayson from conflict of interest allegations
  • Aug. 26th- Releases statement outlining Kotaku’s updated code of ethics for journalists.
  • Has acknowledged the doxxing/harassment of GG supporters [1]

Zoe Quinn (@TheQuinnspiracy)

  • Indie game developer, notably worked on Depression Quest
  • Feb. 14th- Releases Depression Quest for the public. Not very well received.
  • Aug. 11th- Releases Depression Quest on Steam. Is harassed/criticized over it. Partly over perceived lack of quality in the game and partly for releasing it on the day of Robin William’s suicide.
  • Aug. 16th- TheZoePost is released, accusing Zoe of having slept with 5 guys within the industry. Massive publicity/harassment ensues.
  • Aug. 19th- Is reportedly doxxed on 4chan.
  • Accusation: The doxx was faked!
    • TRUE: Most/all of the information was found to be faked. [Link]
  • Accusation: She faked the doxx herself!
    • NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. Though some have accused her of faking the doxx herself, I do not believe there is enough evidence to support this as fact. [1]
  • Sept. 6th- Releases screenshots to reveal Gamergate as a 4chan conspiracy.
  • Accusation: The screenshots were misleading!
    • TRUE?: Most, if not all, the screenshots seem to have been taken out of context. [1] [2]
  • Sept. 16th- Published Cracked article “5 Things I learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person.”
  • Oct. 15th- Is doxxed on 8chan




  1. Hi, First of all, thank you for your blog and posts. Especially your mature, reasoned and moderate approach.

    Second, I’m wondering why several other people are not included in your list of people of gamergate? Specifically – These people?

    Your post “Harassers: Are They Part of Gamergate?” includes this quote, “If you are going to judge Gamergate based on its individuals, then don’t cherry pick which. Either accept them all or accept none of them.” I don’t believe you can leave these people out of your discussion.

    And yes, I realize that this comment was in regards to the amounts of money pro-GG people have donated in the name of Gamergate. Which is a laudable, if ultimately insufficient, action on their part.


    • When I made this page, I was focusing simply on the biggest/most well known names. The list is definitely not completed though. It does not do justice to the vast amount of people involved and I will work on adding more names as soon as I can. Thank you very much for both the compliments and the link! I welcome any and all feedback so if you have any more suggestions/concerns then please feel free to let me know 🙂

      Also, the comment was not just aimed towards anti-gg ignoring charity donations. It was also meant for the pro-gg people who ignore that not everyone involved in GG upholds the anti-harassment stance. Neither side should be cherry picking which individuals they would like to acknowledge in order to to further their own agendas.


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