Gamergate Timeline

This is a timeline of as many Gamergate-related events as I could think of. I encourage anyone who has any other relevant information to let me know and I will review it as soon as possible. I want this to be as accurate as possible.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the people/sites mentioned then please refer to the “People of Gamergate” page. The page will include more detailed/specific information.

I have not included every single instance of possible corruption, just the ones that are brought up the most. The most detailed timeline I have found is this:



May 17th- Anita Sarkeesian starts a Kickstarter campaign to fund her webseries “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.” Sarkeesian receives a large amount of threats/harassment which, in turn, leads the Kickstarter to raise $158,922, enough for 12 videos. She received huge backlash for not releasing any videos after the Kickstarter ended, with many accusing her of having run away with the money. She did eventually release her 1st video, over 2 years later (June 16, 2014). She still receives criticism for being slow to upload new videos (2nd uploaded 2 months later), and using other people’s uncredited work in her videos. One of her biggest criticisms though, is through people’s suspicions as to the allocation of the money she had received through Kickstarter.


April 8th- Allistair Pinsof posts an article on Destructoid promoting an Indiegogo campaign for indie developer, Cloe Sagal. The campaign aimed to raise money for Sagal to have a life-saving surgery (from heavy metal poisoning). Eventually Sagal reveals to Pinsof that she had been lying, she was actually a male and the money would be for a gender-reassignment surgery. However, the campaign was removed from Indiegogo. Some people attribute it to the rumors that were starting to spread about the charity’s dishonest background. The more likely cause is the fact that the campaign didn’t fit within guidelines (Indiegogo does not host charity campaigns). Whatever the reason, Sagal became distraught and attempted to commit suicide in front of a web audience. Afterwards, Pinsof finally reveals the hidden reason for the campaign to his editor’s disapproval. Pinsof was suspended and eventually fired. There has also been accusations of Pinsof being “blacklisted” from future jobs (which is later supported by the appearance of GameJournoPros which specifically mention him/his situation)

June 26th- Thierry Van Gyseghem posts on an article on DeviantArt called “Save the Boob-plate!” In it he expresses his feelings towards artists being pressured to limit themselves to fit a high standard of political correctness. Basically, people should be free to be creative without having to worry about how people focused on sexism will take it. The idea of creativity being quelled by feminism/SJWs is popular, not just by gamers.


Feb. 14th- Depression Quest, by Zoe Quinn, is released to the public.

Aug. 11th- Depression Quest is released on Steam. There is criticism for releasing the game on the same day as the well-publicized suicide of actor Robin Williams.

Aug. 16- Quinn’s ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, creates a WordPress blog on their relationship (Nov. 2013-July 2014) which he then posts on Reddit.
– The original Reddit post has been taken down. WordPress here.
– The post mentions 5 guys who Zoe SUPPOSEDLY had sex with during their relationship. The guys include Nathaniel Grayson, Robin Arnett and Joshua Boggs. The two other guys were not mentioned by name since the sexual activities happened during a break in Quinn & Gjoni’s relationship (between May-June 2014). This is popularly known as the “5 Guys Scandal”/”Quinnspiracy.”
– As of this moment, Grayson is the only guy who has been confirmed.

Aug. 17- MundaneMatt uploads a Youtube video on Depression Quest, made by Quinn, with additional commentary on the 5 Guys Scandal. The video was taken down due to a copyright claim by Quinn for using a still image from DQ.

Aug. 18th- InternetAristocrat uploads, on Youtube, the first video of his “Quinnspiracy Theory” series. In the video he covers TheZoePost, MundaneMatt’s DMCA takedown and Quinn’s involvement with The Fine Young Capitalists.
First Video. August 22nd- Second Video. August 30th- Third Video.

Aug. 19th- TotalBiscuit posts a Twitlonger with his thoughts on the ongoing scandal. Receives negative feedback. The post is submitted to subreddit /r/gaming to much attention. Over 25,000 comments are deleted by moderators and users shadowbanned.
Aug. 19th- Quinn is reportedly doxxed. The information is found to be not real.

Aug. 20th- Stephen Totilo, Kotaku, releases official statement saying there had been no conflict of interest between Grayson and Quinn.

Aug. 21- Phil Fish, one of Quinn’s earliest and strongest supporters, sends multiple tweets towards Zoe’s criticizers. Later that day his website, Polytron, is hacked/doxx’d. The message claims that the hack was committed by the “head mod at /V/ and leader of and Anonymous.” However, the message contains many inconsistencies.

Aug. 24th- David Faraci tweets the infamous “haha I have more respect for ISIS than Anti-Quinn people.” This is a stance he defends and takes even further. However, he is not the only journalist to attack gamers on Twitter.

Aug. 26th- Kotaku editor, Stephen Totilo, posts a statement outlining the site’s updating code of ethics which forbid Kotaku journalists from contributing to developers’ Patreon accounts. Polygon also releases a similar statement that all Polygon journalists would need to disclose any future contributions made to developers’ Patreons account.
The actions/changes have been criticized as being unprofessional/unsatisfactory. Other criticisms [1], [2]

Aug. 27th (3:52pm EST)- Sarkeesian posts a series of death threats, all made from from a single account. Many have claimed these particular threats to be fake, as shown by the linked infograph. Further info. at Sept. 11th.
Aug. 27th (9:22pm EST) Actor Adam Baldwin coins the term #Gamergate while linking to InternetAristocrat’s videos. #Gamergate quickly becomes very popular.
Aug. 27th (over time)- Mass censorship arises.  From 4chan to Reddit, any articles/comments/threads that relate to Gamergate are deleted and many users are banned. This censorship is still in place. This supports Gamergate’s suspicions of censorship/biased journalism.

Aug. 28th- 12 different articles, from 11 different sites, within 24 hours are produced with titles implying the “death” of the gamer identity and similar. Screencap of article titles. The different articles have different implications. I encourage everyone to read the articles before making your decision on the meaning behind them.

Aug. 29th- Many writers from gaming sites have started to refer to themselves as “bloggers” rather than “journalists.” By doing so, it relieves them of many, if not all, of the responsibilities of journalistic ethics. This was made especially clear during a Q&A panel at PAX Prime where panelists often specified that they were “not journalists.”
Many people say this is hypocritical because of a Tweet by Jason Schrier, Kotaku writer, saying “Kotaku is staffed by journalists, not “bloggers.
However, he is just another writer and does not speak for Kotaku. It is a stretch to use his words to negate everyone else’s.

Aug. 30th- A Tumblr account, GamerGate Harassment, is created to show harassment made specifically from SJWs to Gamergate supporters.

Sept. 1st- An “Open Letter to the Gaming Community” is published to discourage people from harassing/threatening others within the industry and to report any such activities. The letter is signed by many people within the industry.

Sept. 2nd- Ben Quintero, Gamasutra, posts “Can we all get along?” He keeps his views neutral while he outlines how the situation could’ve been handled better on both sides. That same day, his status was downgraded for unknown reasons.
*Note* His status has since been reinstated with a promotion.
Sept. 2nd- The first use of #notyourshield is used by @Ninouh90, a male black gamer. He, and the people after him, used #notyourshield as a way to fight the generalizations made of gamers as being all “white males.” It has been used by people of different races, genders, sexuality etc.
People in Gamergate embrace #notyourshield as proof that gamers should not be stereotyped due to its diversity. #notyourshield is commonly referred to as a subset of Gamergate and the tags are often used together.
Early criticizers first accused #notyourshield as being used by fake accounts/sock puppets. In response, many people have posted up personal pictures of themselves. The more popular criticism currently is towards Gamergate as using #notyourshield as a defense against their image of misogyny/sexism. This idea has become especially popular after a screenshot from 4chan arose seemingly showing a plan of use for #notyourshield. However, the usage of #notyourshield was used on Twitter many hours before showing up on 4chan. The post even takes existing Tweets and uses them in the post. It is WRONG to attribute this as proof that #notyourshield was planned as a shield from the beginning because:
a. How can you blame people as using a tag for a hidden agenda when the agenda did not exist from the beginning?
b. If they were still somehow organized enough to have planned it all along, then they would not have then blatantly shown the plans in public hours after its execution. The tag was already in popular use before the “plan” ever shows up.

Sept. 3rd- Boogie2988 uploads Youtube video “I am NOT a bigot. Are You?” The video details the extent of the term “gamer” and how it would be impossible/ignorant to generalize all gamers with any single trait/value.

Sept. 6th- #Gameovergate is formed after a Storify post is created containing a series of screenshots, most, if not all, provided by Quinn, as evidence that GamerGate was a conspiracy started by 4chan purely to get people to harass women and gaming journalists.
Sept. 6th- Alexander Macris, The Escapist, published an article refuted Quinn’s claims. Members of 4chan claimed that Quinn’s screenshots were either taken out of context or made by trolling accounts who were quickly banned. Full chat logs provided here.

Sept. 7th- Greg Costikyan posts on Gamasutra an article, “Gamersgate: STFU.” The “article” is a profanity filled rant aimed filled with accusations and implications. The article has since been taken down from the site.
Sept. 7th- Shield Project uploads Youtube video “#NotYourShield – We Are Gamers” The video attempts to show some of the faces/personal reasons behind #notyourshield.

Sept. 10th- endertargaryen submits a Reddit post to /r/KotakuInAction, to start an e-mail campaign towards the sponsors of Gamasutra. Gamasutra was targeted specifically for the actions/words of one of their writers, Leigh Anderson. The campaign was a success when Intel dropped out on Oct. 10th (more info below).
*note* the link goes to his post though it does not show the same information as when it was first posted. I have so far been unable to find any images of the original message.

Sept. 11th- Davis M.J. Aurini uploads a Youtube video, “Did Anita Sarkeesian fabricate her story about  about contacting the authorities?” The video shows Aurini calling the San Fransisco Police Department. He asks the responding Media Relations officer, Albie Esparza, whether he had received Sarkeesian’s reported death threats. The officer replies that they had not. However, further investigation has shown that while the threats had not been reported to the SFPD, that they had been reported to the FBI.
Doubt still exists to the legitimacy of it all. Why she would say that she has contacted the police if she had contacted the FBI instead? The best evidence to either prove or disprove this claim would be the EXACT TIME that she contacted the FBI.
If she had contacted the FBI after people doubted her, then it is vulnerable to suspicion. But if she had contacted the FBI before then it would prove that her fears were legitimate.

A video comes out to prove that Anita’s death threats posted on August 27th. In the video,

Sept. 16th- American Enterprise Institute uploads YouTube video “Are video games sexist?” Part of their “Factual Feminist” series, the video hosts Christina Hoff Sommers, published author and former ethics professor, in which she refutes ideas that had been previously presented by feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian. Although the video has nothing to do with Gamergate, supporters of the movement have rallied behind her, earning her the nickname “Based Mom.” In turn, it seems that she also supports the Gamergate movement.
Sept. 16th- Quinn posts an article on Cracked “5 Things I learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person.” The article is her personal viewpoint on the events of Gamergate. Because of the article, Cracked has been accused of being biased, with censorship of comments and lack of an opposing article to show Gamergate’s side as evidence.

Sept. 17th- Milo Yiannopoulos, Brietbart, publishes article “EXPOSED: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite.” The articles outlines the details of a secret mailing list between many journalists. The vast majority of Gamergate takes this as absolute evidence that those in the journalism industry have been conspiring/colluding behind the scenes. Their accusations are further supported when more details are revealed in a later article (Sept. 22nd).

Around this time, many Gamergate related threads started to be deleted en masse, moreso than before, from the 4chan boards. Members feared the site was compromised.
Sept. 19th- moot, 4chan’s founder, made an official post explaining that the GG posts had been deleted for breaking the site’s “no personal information / raids / calls to invasion” rule. Considering the site’s reputation as a free speech board, this was still a shock to many.
As a result of 4chan’s censorship, many users have starting using a related site, 8chan, instead.

Sept. 20th- Milo Yiannopoulos tweets that he has been mailed a a syringe through his mail, containing a mysterious liquid.
Sept. 20th- The Escapist’s Gamergate thread undergoes a DDoS attack.
Sept. 20th- Jason Miller is fired from his job after showing support for Gamergate after receiving harassment for supporting #notyourshield. He claims that SJWs had called his workplace up to 30 times an hour to get him fired. I have not seen NO evidence for this. There are also rumors that he had been passing off images from other video games for his own, this is also NOT PROVEN.

Sept. 22nd- Milo Yiannopoulos, Brietbart, publishes article “THE LIST: EVERY JOURNALIST IN THE GAMEJOURNOPROS GROUP REVEALED” as a follow up to his original expose on the GameJournoPros list. The article reveals further details on the identities on almost all of the 150 participants. The articles serves to highlight the full extent/implications of the e-mail group. He provides a link to an e-mail dump with the full e-mails rather than excerpts (e-mail range= August 19-Sept. 1).
Sept. 22nd- Milo Yiannopoulos, Brietbart, publishes another article “‘They’re On To Us’: Gaming Journalists Respond to Critics in Newly Revealed GameJournoPros Emails.” The article reveals more e-mails and the implications.
Sept. 22nd- Emmayouarenext- This is not entirely related to GG. However, I do feel it merits a description, which you will be able to find under the People of Gamergate page.

Sept. 23rd- Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, both investigated and declared Wikipedia’s Gamergate article as a “badly written battleground.” I am including this in the timeline as a warning for people who read the Wikipedia article to read it with a grain of salt. The truth is that the article will be as biased as the person who last updated it.

Oct. 1st- It is revealed that Intel intends to remove their ads from Gamasutra. This decision has been met with opposition from those who felt Intel’s withdrawal signaled that they were anywhere from “giving in” to Gamergate’s demands to showing support for Gamergate. Intel later issued an apology in which they clarified that their withdrawal from Gamasutra did not mean that they were taking any sides.

Oct. 3rd- Mallorie Nasrallah, posts on Facebook her relation/experience with Zoe along with redacted e-mails that were sent between them. While it does not paint a good character story for Zoe, I would like everyone to keep in mind that THIS IS NOT PROVEN. At this point this is just HEARSAY until proven otherwise!

Oct. 6th- The University of Advancing Technology pulls their ads from Gamasutra.

Oct. 10th- Brianna Wu, game developer, is reportedly doxx’d on 8chan. The doxxing is received negatively by other members on 8chan. The same day she posts screencaps of multiple death threats from a single account saying that she will be calling the police. She appears on MSNBC within a couple of days and blames the doxxing and death threats on GG.

Oct. 12th- John Walker, of RPS, claims to have received thousands of abusive tweets, hundreds of them containing #gamergate. This was a LIE.

Oct. 14th- Anita Sarkeesian cancels an upcoming talk at Utah State University after gun threats were sent over e-mails. Many people have blamed the threats as coming from Gamergate, however, there is no mention of it anywhere in the e-mail.
Due to the situation at USU, #StopGamergate2014 has started trending as renewed opposition against Gamergate for its alleged misogynist attitudes/violence towards women.
Oct. 14th- A screenshot appears of Wu allegedly attacking The_Camera_Girl over Twitter. Wu claims that she was hacked. There are rumors that the tweets may have come from a different account altogether.
Oct 14th- Boogie9288 receives a death threat aimed towards his wife, which included his home address. Boogie9288 has a breakdown (private video).

Oct. 15th- Quinn is doxx’d on 8chan. The_Camera_Girl posts a TwitLonger that documents the events including 8chan’s attempts to prevent the doxx and her suspicions as to the possible culprits.

Oct. 16th- Lo Ping starts a Crowdrise campaign “PACER Center National Bullying Prevention GamerGate Charity.” The campaign has raised over $16,500 (updated 10/25) for PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Oct 17th- Mercedes-Benz pulls advertising from Gawker. They would reinstate their advertisements on Oct. 20th.

Oct. 18th- Some evidence has been revealed as to the identity of Sarkeesian’s harasser, a game journalist in Brazil. This information was collected by a Gamergate supporter.

Oct. 21st- Adobe removes their logo from Gawker.
Some people have taken the tweet to mean that Adobe had never been partnered with Gawker and that Gawker had been using their logo illegally. I have seen no proof for this and will mark this as an ASSUMPTION.
Other people have taken Adobe’s withdrawal as support for Gamergate, with negative reactions.
Oct. 21st- Revue Labs has backed away from their former support of #Gamergate. This is not to say that they are anti-Gamergate, but that they wish not to be involved in the situation at all.

Oct. 22nd- Actress Felicia Day posts on Tumblr “The only thing I have to say about Gamergate.” In it she expresses the fear she has towards the Gamergate movement and of being attacked for speaking out. She is reportedly doxx’d within minutes.
This has brought many people against Gamergate for supposedly attacking an innocent person who dared speak out.
The people in support of Gamergate say that the action of doxxing Day would have only hurt their movement and that they are being framed.

Oct. 23rd- My Strings uploads Youtube video “My Mom: Orphan Entrepreneur and Non-Gamer #GamerGate Feminist.” The video is to show the support of a mother/non-gamer/feminist for the Gamergate movement and her reasons why.

Oct. 27th- David Pakman uploads an interview with Wu. During the interview,Wu accuses Pakman of doing a hit piece. After uploading the video, Pakman’s website goes down for approximately an hour.

Oct. 29th- Sarkeesian appears on the Colbert Show. Opinions are mixed as to whether it was positive or negative for Gamergate.

Oct. 31st- After interviewing 3 gamergate supporters, Pakman attempts to reach out to gamergate opponents on Twitter to interview. Each refuses and Pakman receives criticism, partly for reaching out privately and partly for allowing gamergate supporters on his show.

Credit given to and for the majority of the information.
Information has also been taken from
Any other information I was able to find through simple Google searches. The information is out there as long as you are willing to look!


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