Quick Update: The AbleGamers Foundation and Gamergate

There has been some confusion over the situation with the AbleGamers charity that is breeding a lot of anger. Here are the facts so that hopefully this can be laid to rest. This was NOT Anti-Gamergate’s fault, this faux pas was completely on Gamergate. However, there is no evidence linking Gamergate to AbleGamer’s site being down.

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Quick Update: Wardell and Quinn’s Newest Drama [1]

*NOTE* I am not implying that either party was right or wrong in this matter. I am only showing the bare bones of the situation for anyone who was wondering.

Once again, Brad Wardell of Stardock is in some drama. What happened this time?

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Quick Update: Alanah Pearce interview

Background: Alanah Pearce, a video game journalist, tracked down some of her online harassers. They turned out to be young boys and she decided to report them to their mothers. She posted the reply from one mother on her Twitter, which garnered a lot of attention.  The source of the harassment has connected to Gamergate in multiple online publications. Is this accurate?

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