Quick Update: Sarkeesian never supported #CancelColbert

I thought this rumor had been largely debunked. However, I have seen some references to it so I would like to go ahead and lay out the facts in regards to this.

Here are the only references that Sarkeesian has made in regards to #CancelColbert.
(Click to Enlarge)

TumblrXAn0z10      Twitter – B21ZCEVCUAAOiFR

In both instances, she is clearly referencing the “vile backlash” that women face when voicing strong opinions. She doesn’t give any indication of whether or not she actually agrees with Park’s opinion, only that she condemns the harassment that Park has been facing for it.

Not to mention, the article she linked has multiple references to herself.
Promotion of the article = Self-promotion.

You can use a hashtag and not support it. Not every person who uses #gamergate does so in support. Colbert himself has used the #CancelColbert hashtag.[1]
You can defend a person from harassment without agreeing with what they say. You can be pro-GG and still defend Sarkeesian’s right not to be harassed.



  1. This just seems like an excusing of someone’s hypocrisy in attacking a show or celebrity then abandoning that position when it benefits them personally. Admit it, she’s a hypocritical opportunist. I don’t know why people like you can’t process that pointing out the character flaws of someone who opposes sexism is not the same as supporting sexism. Sexism against women is real, and Sarkeesian is an opportunistic fraud.


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