Quick Update: Jack Thompson and Gamergate

I’ve seen a lot of people saying “Jack Thompson has joined Gamergate!” But, he hasn’t. This is complete misinformation.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, Jack Thompson is an “anti-video-game activist” and “one of the most outspoken opponents of sexuality and violence in video games.” [1] [2]

The reasoning behind the idea is from a movie teaser released by The Sarkeesian Effect. In the teaser, there is a short clip of an interview with Jack Thompson where he is talking about Anita Sarkeesian and calls her “kind of a hypocrite.” That is it. This is not enough for someone to be considered “pro-Gamergate.”

  1. The Sarkeesian Effect is not a part of Gamergate.
    • It is a movie project “covering [the progressive infiltration by disingenuous ‘Social Justice Warriors’] in video game and tech circles, culminating in the recent outrage known as #GamerGate.” Though the movie will tie in Gamergate, its focus is on SJWs.
  2. Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian does not equal support of Gamergate.
    • Not every person who criticizes Sarkeesian supports Gamergate. This would be like assuming that every vegan is part of PETA.
  3. Jack Thompson has never stated a pro-Gamergate stance (as far as I know)
    • I’ve never seen him comment on Gamergate in any way actually.

I have also seen accusations that Gamergate supports Jack Thompson. This is also not true. Perhaps some individuals may support him now, but this does not mean that Gamergate as a whole wishes for Thompson to take part. At most, this is a “the enemy of my enemy” type deal.
Here is a tweet from David Aurini, one of the people behind The Sarkeesian Effect, that I feel relates to this: FTR, neither Jordan nor I are in full agreement with Mr Thompson, but the reporting on him has been 1-sided. ” [1]
Another point I would like to bring up, here is the statement “Jack Thompson was right” being used on Twitter 3 months ago. Those were people opposed to Gamergate.

Finally, lets also make this clear: There is no definitive grouping of values/ideas that describe all Gamergate supporters or opposers.

You can be “pro-Gamergate” and still

  • Dislike TotalBiscuit or Oliver
  • Like Kotaku
  • Agree that there are problems of sexism in video games and the industry

Just like you can be “anti-Gamergate” and still

  • Dislike Sarkeesian
  • Dislike Gawker
  • Agree that gaming journalism needs ethics reform

At the moment, we should categorize Jack Thompson as neutral or even “uninformed.” I personally have no idea what he thinks in regards to Gamergate or whether he really knows anything about it at all. If I find any more information in regards to this then I will update this post. In the meantime, lets not label people one way or the other without confirmation. Only that person knows which side they are on.


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