Quick Update: Intel advertising on Gamasutra? [3]

Tonight there is a lot of discussion over whether or not Intel is advertising with Gamasutra again. I believe there is very strong evidence to support that Intel is indeed advertising on Gamasutra again in some way. Lets look at the facts.

It all started with a screenshot going around of Intel ads on Gamasutra. Gamasutra, Leigh Anderson and Brianna Wu have all confirmed its legitimacy. (Click to enlarge)

intelGamasutra ss+(2014-11-13+at+10.42.48) ss+(2014-11-13+at+10.58.09) WuIntelGamasutra

Normally, this would be accepted without question. There’s screenshot evidence. The official site confirmed it along with two other individuals. The reputations of those who confirmed it would be irrefutably damaged if it turned out that they were lying. What do they have to gain? If anything is proven here, it’s the damaged trust between journalist sites and Gamergate supporters.

But lets address the speculations from Gamergate supporters.


  • The biggest point I have seen brought up is that each of the Intel ads has AdChoices in the top corner. AdChoices works through “interest-based advertising,” meaning the ads that show up are targeted towards your likely interests. This would mean that Gamasutra is paying and showing adverts from AdChoices and not from Intel specifically. This would go against Gamasutra’s tweet that “it’s a paid campaign.”

Source Code

  • Apparently the ads have not been located in the source codes. It could be that Gamasutra lied, or it could be that the person who checked just couldn’t find it. I do not know how to check that personally. *Update* Screenshot of AdChoice within source code [5] <- Not verified

Former Employee

  • The original poster of the picture, @frankcifaldi, is a former employee at Gamasutra. It would seem that he is still on good terms with Gamasutra and people are accusing him of faking the picture to help Gamasutra’s reputation. However, if it’s found that he’s lying then it would severely hurt Gamasutra which makes it less likely.

Bullying of Intel

  • Part of the disbelief has to do with outrage from Anti-Gamergate after Intel pulled from Gamasutra the first time. There was a lot of negativity thrown their way from Gamasutra, Gawker and many individuals who oppose Gamergate.

I would like to add some info here that I have found. I am not sure what exactly to make of it so take it as you will.
1. When I looked on the Gamasutra site I did not see any ads at all on their site, even going to the exact same article. Though it could be that the ads do not show up all the time, the spot where the lower Intel ad is located did not even have a space for ads. [1]
2. On AdChoices list of participants, Intel is not listed. Screenshot [2] Site [3]

Finally, there has been a fake screenshot going around on Twitter of Intel confirmed that they have not reinstated their advertising on Gamasutra. Again, this is FAKE. [4]

So, Gamergate has come up with many reasons why they believe Gamasutra is lying about Intel. However, the potential consequences are extremely high if they were. It ranges from a damaged reputation to lawsuits. They could potentially lose the site. Therefore, despite the disbelief from Gamergate, I do believe that Intel is advertising again on Gamasutra. They just have too much to lose from lying

So, the big question is: Is it a direct/paid campaign or simply through AdChoices?


11/14 1:06pm- Added screenshot of AdChoices code in the source code
11/14 1:08pm- The Telegraph article stated “A spokesman for Intel said: “We have resumed advertising on the game developer site Gamasutra. As we have said in the past, it was not our intent to take a position in the current controversy surrounding the gaming community. We have a long history of support for gaming and game developer communities, and Gamasutra’s audience is an important constituency.”

11/14 2:00pm- Intel/Gamasutra Pastebin. Further confirmation (from pro-GG) that Intel is advertising on Gamasutra in some way.



  1. Intel would be very stupid to advertise on the site again, after having been insulted by Gawker directly. If they are advertising there again, it could mean that there is a larger play at work here. It’ll be very important to verify this. I will wait for Dabitch to write about it and probably watch out for the next few days. I feel that the holiday season spells great conflict.


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