Quick Update: What is #OpSKYNET? [2]

#opSKYNET is the newest initiative to come from #gamergate in an effort to better connect the GG community. Usage of #opSKYNET is seen as an open invitation for GG supporters to follow the user, with the mutual understanding that the user will also follow back. In this way a stronger communication system is being built between Gamergate supporters. The tag was very well received among the GG community, being used roughly 14k times in its first 10 hours. People will generally gain anywhere between 50-400 new followers depending on how actively they initiate following others.

The first person to use #opSKYNET was @Ignideus [1]

The popularity behind #opSKYNET is understandable. Much of it stems from former insecurities within GG.

  • GG has been looking for ways to distance the movement away from the “e-celebs” that have previously dominated the voice of the community. GG has always been a leaderless movement, and the recent drama between/bans of the more prominent figureheads have only served to highlight the importance of their decentralized structure. Through #opSKYNET, people will be looking more towards their fellow compatriots rather than a few pseudo-leaders.
  • The shift in focus away from e-celebs allows for more moderate members to have a voice. By using #opSKYNET, every member is able to gain followers and spread their views/opinions. The importance of the many members of Gamergate has become more equalized.
  • With a stronger, more direct network between pro-GG members, information will [theoretically] be spread more quickly/easily. Also, discussions between members will be able to take place with less negativity/distractions from anti-GG.

The idea behind #opSKYNET is promising and seems to be helping rejuvenate #gamergate after the recent blows against them. Only time will show how effective it will be in the long run.

*Note* People have started adding Twitter lists of #opSKYNET members. The biggest I have found so far is by @markadrake. There are two different lists (due to a 5,000 member limit). Please only join one to avoid duplicates. First List, Second List.  There is information on his profile to easily add or remove yourself from either list.


#opSKYNET is collusion! They’re getting together to harass women! This is the same as GJP those hypocrites!

  • No. Just no. I have not seen any harassment whatsoever come out of this. If anything, this is a push to help reform their image and weed out any harassers. Because of the stronger connections between members, they will be able to push any harassers out quickly/more efficiently. They are marking a clearer boundary between “Gamergate supporters” and “trolls using #gamergate.”
  • While there are similarities between #opSKYNET and GJP, there are enough differences to say that they are not equal. #opSKYNET is comprised of individuals reaching out to each other in order to build stronger connections within their movement. Unlike GJP, the members do not have any real opportunity to benefit from their “collusion” socially, professionally or financially. At the very least, another huge difference between the two is that #opSKYNET and its participating members are very public with their actions. GJP was kept a secret from all who was not involved, and THAT is collusion- “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”

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