@Nero’s Suspension [2]

Recently, @Nero has been suspended, with rumors of more suspensions to come. Many people believe there there is/will be a rash of suspensions because of a new Twitter policy with a feminist group. There are also accusations of anti-GG of now being homophobic and breaking the first amendment. Lets dispense with the accusations and look at the facts.

@Nero is temporarily suspended.

  • A new Twitter account @UnsuspendNero showed up claiming they were Milo. However, this was proven to be fake due to inconsistencies with Milo’s usual behavior. Plus, Milo has a personal account, @Caligula, that he had access to for a backup account. @UnsuspendNero has been deleted.

It is not entirely clear why @Nero was suspended.

  • Pro believes that the account was spam reported under false claims. Anti believes that he was justly suspended for breaking Twitter TOS. I have not seen ANY proof either way. Further proof of suspension -> [1]

Many people are blaming the ban on a new Twitter policy.

  • Twitter has recently teamed up a women’s advocacy group, Women, Action & the Media (WAM), to help curb the recent increase in harassment [2][3]. Let me take this moment to clear up some misconceptions about this. This cooperation is only temporary and will last about a month. The two-person team does not have the power to ban anyone. Instead, they can look at reports and choose which to give a higher priority to in the Twitter system. In the meantime, they will be collecting data depending on the reports they get, the ones they choose and how Twitter responds to those reports. They are working to streamline the process of reporting harassment and Twitter’s response. I really do not think that they were particularly responsible for @nero’s suspension. Even if they gave his case priority, they did not have the power to suspend his account.

Accusation: This goes against his right to free speech!

  • This is inaccurate. He is still allowed to say whatever he would like without any legal penalty, hence he still has his legal right to free speech. It would be more accurate to count this as censorship if anything. But this is only if he was indeed wrongly suspended. Even then, the responsibility would fall on Twitter for carrying out the action. And I do not believe that Twitter as a whole is actively tryign to censor him.

Accusation: Anti-GG is homophobic!

  • This is ridiculous and hypocritical. Just as much as the pro side does not wish to be stuck under any label due to the actions of a few, the exact same principle should apply to the anti side.

I think the best course of action will be to simply wait for Milo to regain access to either @nero or @caligula and to tell us himself why he was suspended. Theories and accusations will help no one.

I will update this post as I gather more information.


1. Milo has logged onto @caligula and has confirmed his account suspension. As of yet, there has been no word on why exactly he has been suspended. *note* He was also told by his housekeeper that someone had sent him a dead animal through the mail.

2. @Nero’s suspension has been lifted. The account was suspended for a max. of 12 hours. No word yet on why exactly it was suspended in the first place.


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