The truth behind the doxxings.



First, the definition of “dox”: “to search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.”

Tonight I sat down to write a simple post listing all of the people who have been doxxed/threatened in regards to Gamergate. I reached out through Twitter asking people for names and the amount of names I received was surprising. I reached out to @TetraD20 for more information and the talk we had was frightening.

These are the facts.

1. There is a 3rd party to Gamergate. This party is responsible for many of the doxxes that have happened on both sides. They do not have a side. They have been doing this purely for their own entertainment.

2. These people are not hackers. All of their “doxxing” information comes from online sites known as white pages.

3. What they are doing is not illegal. All of the information is already available on these sites. They are within legal realms to post information from one public source to another.


List of sites and how to remove/hide your details

Whitepages: Remove  Should also remove from and

Radaris : Remove

Intelius: Remove <- Very Last Link

PeopleFinders: Remove

AnyWho : Remove

Spokeo : Remove <- Very Bottom

PeopleByName : Remove

City-Data : Remove <- If you own a home

Yellowpages : At this time, changes cannot be done through the White Pages process.
To remove your White Pages information, do a Find By Name or Find By Phone Number search on your listing. Make sure you are on a results page with a single listing (if you are seeing multiple listings on the page, click on your name to get to the single listing page). Then simply click the “Remove Listing” link found on the returned listing and fill out the removal form. Your request will be processed within one business day.

These were as many sites as I could find. If you find any more then please let me know and I will add it to the list.

These sites can show your addresses, your phone number, even the names of your friends to the entire internet. Find every single white page site you can and hide your details.

More information on the doxxings.

What are their names? We should report them!

  • What they are doing is not illegal. Giving you their names and publicizing their actions will only give them the publicity that they have been trying so hard to achieve.

Why have we not heard of this before?

  • Honestly, this information would have been found out a LOT sooner if people weren’t so quick to assume that the people they are fighting against were the ones responsible for these acts.

Who have they doxxed? (* Means they do not engage with #gamergate over Twitter)

  • Pro-Gamergate
    • Adambaldwin, TheRalphRetort, thewtfmagazine, YTM1staWu1fy, Kay_turner, draginol, ChaiKnight, Saeris, nobrainsplz, dominicrupert, MarkMontag, Lifefire940, AshleyKjude, DocBray, Gh0stP0litics, Abstruse, Synthovine, cwb_in_tn_81, CyberEagle1989, SilverDragon, killyourfm, DrewMcGrew, jbarsody, consolegamr, thehat2, fd1017, brandonorselli, shonenchris, WNYnelson,
  • Anti-Gamergate
    • StephenTotilo, jasonschreier, kirkhamilton, TinaAmini, ZenofDesign, themojowire, nickdupree, jon_bois, schemaly, Emoroffle, JonHelfrich, deviever, KyleKallgren, stefaniefogel, ryeisenberg, tasneemraja, ubersaurus, Pattonoswalt, DavidFutrelle, dtdevine, Kimberly_latta*, uwmolly*, taylormarsh*, sarahkendzior*, RJonesEsquire*, AdamGreeney, brockwilbur, cynicalfilmguy, eyepawd, SamoX19, dtoid_Abel, skulldrey, Atul_Kashyap*
  • People who weren’t even involved with Gamergate
    • RogueChedder, Piko_Island, justinwooartist, Makkarei, RickyCam, Oracleofdewphi, triumphofhearts, lewis_carol17, rdpharr, BarbaraSostaita, KayleeBreannee, AndrewNL91, BrianPShea, mizithra, JamesTSkywalker, twotwotala, entbuddha, SamJOckham, appleguysnake, afillari, Megastryke, DanStapleton, talign

These are only the names we KNOW that they’ve doxxed on Twitter alone. They could be responsible for many more, including the ones on 4chan/8chan.



  1. sarah kendzior was doxxed long before GG after she started shamelessly promoting rape threats for personal gain (her mommy tweet is perhaps one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen for those of us who have been raped) while deliberately sending hate mobs to attack any innocent people who questioned her narrative. FYI


      • I would. Doxxing occurs when someone retrieves private information generally unavailable and then publishes it to the public. There are SEVERAL characters here that were not doxxed. If you can find their address via a simple google search, for instance Brianna Wu publicly posted her home address under her name as part of a business profile, then it’s not doxxing. That’s simply googling.


      • Doxxing is “the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual. The methods employed in pursuit of this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites like Facebook, hacking, and social engineering.” Even if the information is publicly available, if you’re spreading it with malicious intent it’s still doxing.


  2. To say that “There is a 3rd party to Gamergate… They do not have a side” is to miss out on something very subtle but very important about the GamerGate movement. It has no leadership, no manifesto, no clear policy of any kind. It is a decentralized, (mostly) anonymous, rudderless movement that is not under anyone’s control. The “this is not GamerGate” stance is like the No true Scotsman fallacy. It is impossible to refute. Like the obnoxious cretins who threaten women in the gaming world, the so-called anti-GG crowd, the ones who attack the pro-GG crowd, are just another cluster of barnacles that has attached itself to the thing that calls itself GamerGate.

    I had someone throw back at me that the anti-GG people can’t disown the bad stuff done by the few who are malicious. But that overlooks that fact that there are nearly 7 billion people in the world who have either never heard of GamerGate or think the entire thing is ridiculous. Ethics in gaming journalism – who cares? How is that such a pressing problem that it justifies what is going on around it? Most people understand that product reviews are biased. It is not a fact that some game is totally awesome and commands 9/10. It’s someone’s opinion. Maybe just rely on word of mouth instead of implicitly trusting some stranger? The anti-GG crowd are in reality just ordinary people who see through the BS and speak out against harassment. Take that away and there would still be you. Take you away and everything else goes.

    I could say something like “yeah, I’ll bet the pro-GG people who got doxxed did it themselves to play the victim card” not unlike what gstally suggests above with the extraordinarily offensive charge of “shamelessly promoting empty rape threats for personal gain” in the other direction. It’s telling that you don’t mention Brianna Wu in this disclosure. That’s the sort of thing I heard people saying. She probably doxxed herself. She’s making it up. She never got any serious rape or death threats. Same with Sarkeesian. Is that the line then? They’re making it up? Or does the omission imply that it really was GamerGate who outed them? Either way, I would ask the GG folks to please gain some perspective.


    • I believe that maybe you should read my article “Harassers: Are they part of Gamergate” as a reply to this. It covers my opinion on many of the points that you have brought up. Let me know your thoughts after that. I would love this discuss it with you 🙂

      Why would I need to mention Wu or Sarkeesian in this article? I was focusing on a specific group of people that I had information on, which did not include any mention of either of them. I am not denying that they have been doxxed, but I am denying these people’s involvement with it (at least without evidence).

      I am not trying to imply their particular doxxings were done by Gamergate OR a 3rd party because I honestly have no idea who did it. Both are viable options. I do not want to assume either way until I know more about it.


      • Thank you. I have read that now, though not in great detail. It does, as you say, agree with much of what I’ve said. But the point I’d like to make is that pro-GG, anti-GG, this is all part of GamerGate for better or for worse. Also, the non-misogynistic narrative about what GamerGate is trying to do seems almost without consequence. It’s like complaining that professional wrestling is fake, or even worse, getting upset when other people claim that. To the extent that there may be corruption in the gaming industry and unethical journalism, this does not outstrip industry and journalism corruption in general. I can’t imagine there’s really all that much of it to be honest. Certainly the initial accusations against Zoe Quinn have been refuted.

        Other aspects that the movement is concerned with, such as preservation of the gamer identity and fighting against political correctness of “social justice warriors” are also a bit meh. Feminism is just another brand of identity politics. Why is that any less valid than the gamer identity? Hard core gamers might not think that social issues have any place in gaming, but that opinion is open to challenge. The gamer identity, such as it ever was, is not in any danger simply because games have become more popular and diverse, and are now enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Gaming companies are not going to stop making the sort of games that a lot of people love just because they are being asked to make different sorts of games, or that other games studios have opened and decided to specialise in what might be regarded as fringe. Depression Quest is no more a threat to the Grand Theft Auto franchise than Dubstep is to Metallica.

        The social justice warriors (and I mean that in the nicest way) will continue to take their fight to all areas of public life until the injustices they perceive are destroyed. Feminism is just as crucial today as when it was first imagined, maybe even more so. Hard won advances are easily lost through complacency. There may be nominal equal protection under the law, but the reality is that there is still much unconscious sexism in the world’s greatest democracies. Games that give females a more respectful treatment will not replace what GamerGater’s love unless the demand dries up completely. Instead, they will complement these games by offering a greater choice. Viewing games as an art form actually helps to preserve the more edgy ones as much as to create space for the more socially aware.


      • I agree that it’s all related to GG either way. GG needs to end, it has gone far beyond any normal debate.
        I do feel that GG has some legitimate concerns for the gaming industry. At the very least, if the ethics in the video gaming industry can’t be cleaned up then what hope is there for other issues?
        A huge problem of GG is that because it doesn’t have any official stances, it develops many unofficial ones. No one can say for certainty if GG is feminist, humanist, anti-bullying, anti-SJW etc.
        A problem with SJW is that the meaning for the term changes depending on who you’re asking. It ranges from progressiveness to over-progressive feminism.
        I believe people should support more female-oriented games in the industry, but alongside male-oriented games, not in place of.


  3. Online, any large-scale argument results in some form of cyber-harassment. The GG side experiences it. The Anti-GG side experiences it. To say that there should be no argument because online harassment will be drawn to it seems like a mighty abstraction from the argument itself and one of the chief reasons why both sides will not come to the table very easily.

    The easiest way to disarm GG is to completely ignore the harassment, sit down, and force them to speak openly. If you believe that their issues are a smokescreen for harassing people, then once the issue is put at the forefront, they simply will not be able to hide behind it. Legitimizing their concerns can only speed the end. Forcing them to deal with harassment allegations will simply put them on the defensive.


  4. I would also like to point out that, at least from my perspective as being a moderate pro-GGer, Much of the issue with the “gamer identity” issues is less about trying to preserve some mythical idea of what a gamer is or isn’t, but about being dictated to about who or what we are by people that are unsympathetic and supposedly representing us, as seen in the describe a gamer in four words hashtag, or the number of articles decrying the vitriol against certain culture critics as the last dying gasps of basement-dwelling, fedora-wearing, neckbeards desperately trying to hold on to a world that they no longer understand… like cavemen.

    As for games like Depression Quest being so reviled… well, there’s a number of reasons for that as well. For one, it is thought that games like this are being pushed as great art specifically because of cronyism, which makes the awards that we’re all supposed to be excited about seem pointless and hollow. It’s a lot like winning an Oscar and then realizing that the only reason you won the Oscar isn’t because your movie was any good, but because you happened to talk about racial issues. It’s evidence of the death of standards, something that gamers have been rather upset about for a while.

    To put this into the proper context, EA has been buying up once great franchises and basically turning them into half-baked travesties for a while now. This goes all the way back to the Ultima series, so I’m not only talking about Mass Effect or even Star Wars The Old Republic or even Dragon Age. And herein lies the problem. Our AAA games are going to hell, our gaming media seems untrustworthy, the indie scene is apparently rife with cliquishness and an agenda that gamers are not a part of… We feel like cattle and have felt like cattle for a while, treated as if we are mindless cash-cows that will simply buy whatever we’re given.

    The fact of the matter is that we are not. We would like to be treated as adults. We would like to be treated with respect. We would like to know that we can trust the people that are supposed to be our representatives. It’s as simple as that.

    And while identity politics seems to be the word of the day, the losers are the consumers who really have lost their voice in what has become more and more a sort of progressive echo-chamber. The sad fact is that most of us are fairly liberal and probably closer to the middle. We do not go for the conservative websites because they do not represent us. Unfortunately, the progressive side, in becoming more and more slanted and authoritarian, no longer represents us either and it is seen as a huge betrayal because… we once believed in them. Then, we wanted to believe in them. Now we can’t.

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  5. You list Devi Ever as anti-GG, but it’s actually pretty complicated in her case. She was anti-GG in the VERY beginning, then turned pro-GG. She was pro-GG when she was doxxed, but then she turned against us again. I’m pretty sure she’s avowedly uninvolved now.


      • Maybe?

        In terms of feelings, her sentiment against GamerGate was a lot more strident, yeah. Turns out she’s Grace Lynn, or @pixelgoth, now, and she’s also against GamerGate again.

        In terms of time…

        I was going to look into when her interview with Kuchera was supposed to have taken place, ’cause that would be *right* when she was pro-GG. I guess it doesn’t matter now that I know she’s Grace Lynn, though, because she’s apparently been against GamerGate (again!) for some time, even if she makes the occasional, “I don’t care about that stuff really,” tweet.

        I’m sure it adds up to a lot more.

        I hadn’t thought of it in those terms, I just know that she was pro-GG when she was doxxed, which kinda makes it a doxxing of a pro-GG person. Then again, she was doxxed multiple times, and I think one of those was after she started to oppose GamerGate again. I guess the best way to be accurate would be to include her in all three lists! ;D


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