List of Gawker’s Advertisers

Oct. 22nd- BUBBLESORT posts on Pastebin “Hunting for advertisers on Gawker.”

Right now, the claims in the post towards Gawker’s list of partners are merely ACCUSATIONS. I have not seen enough evidence to say whether or not it is true. However, the list of advertisers connected to Gawker is accurate.

Summary of post: Previous e-mail campaigns have been focusing on the companies listed on Gawker’s page of partners. However, many of those companies were actually not actually partnered with Gawker in the first place. If this is true, then this would be investor fraud. Included is a list of companies/organizations, along with PR contact info, that do advertise on Gawker for people to e-mail. This may not be a complete list.

LL Bean (biggest advertiser), Discover, Old Spice, Ebay, Keurig, CNBC (The Profit), Dyson, iRobot, Comcast, PayPal, Save the Children, Swash, SEGA (Alien Isolation), IBM

Screenshots of advertisements

If anyone can show me sufficient proof to prove/disprove the claims regarding Gawker’s partners then I will update this post to reflect it.


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